Next Generation Music Analytics

SpinIntel is an online software platform that provides music industry professionals with a new generation of analytical and management tools for visualizing and interpreting terrestrial radio airplay data. The platform is highly customizable to each user or team’s specific workflow and is designed to find and track opportunities for record growth.

A New Way To Visualize & Interact With Radio Airplay Data

SpinIntel does the heavy lifting, so you can focus on growing your record.

How it works

SpinIntel monitors 400+ of the top country radio stations 24/7 and records every spin. Every day we process over 200,000 individual spins. We then calculate our metrics continuously throughout the day. By the end of 2020 we plan on increasing our coverage to over 2,000 stations.

First 6 Month Stats

  • 30,000+ Artists
  • 100,000+ Songs
  • 200,000+ Song Plays Per Day
  • 35,000,000+ Plays Recorded
Customize for your workflow

SpinIntel uses a modular dashboard system which is fully customizable for each user. Create and rearange dashboards to show the modules, visualizations, and metrics you want to see.

Quickly find key performance indicators

Search by any song or artist to open a dashboard with relevant airplay information. Then drill down futher using station panels, data filters, and sorting. Or use pre-configured modules that quickly show areas for growth.

Collaborate with your team

Share your configured dashboards with other team members, collaborate using notes, task lists, station events, and song watchlists. Set up custom alerts for your team so you'll know the moment key targets reach their goal.

SpinIntel Answers Questions

Powerful tools to find growth opportunities.

  • See a list of stations not playing a single and sort by the most likely places for new airplay.
  • Quickly sort stations by the number of titles they are not playing with a higher panel ranking.
  • See where your song is the highest-ranking title a station is not playing.
  • View the titles a station is playing that are ranked lower.
  • Compare your plays on a station with the station’s maximum plays for the week.
  • Look at everything a station is not playing and sort by one of over 76 metrics.
  • Sort stations by song rank and quickly find where a songs best possibility for play increase is.
  • View a list of titles that a station will likely drop leaving room for your song.
  • When starting a single, sort by the station charts (playlist) and display a panel of stations by playlist size.
The promotion of a song is fast paced and never stops. I would spend untold hours organizing analytics to determine a song's best outlets for growth. Automating this process is priceless and gives that time back every week and every day. It will literally help the user answer the most important question - where can I grow this song?
Rob Dalton Founder

Who We Are

Executive Team

Rob Dalton
Lance Goodman
Co-Founder & CEO
Preston Wills
Johnny Baird

Advisory Board

Joe Galante
Brian Traeger
Josh Joseph
Shelbi Scott
Clint Higham
Thomas Hebner
JP Hagan
Buffy Cooper
Jay Demarcus
RG Jones
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